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Clematis a-bloomin’

I’m thrilled that I just found Cynthia Reyes wonderful blog! Remodel construction has all but destroyed my butterfly gardens, but her wonderful pictures will help keep me motivated as I revive and replant my gardens.

Cynthia Reyes

I promised a blogger-friend that I’d post pictures of clematis in bloom.

But the gosh-darn rabbits ate almost every clematis right down to the ground last winter and spring, so I didn’t know what would come back and what was a goner.

Blog Photo - Clems doubles

Blog Photo - Blue clematis2

We had a few casualties, indeed. We lost the gorgeous white clematis.

Blog Photo - Clematis white

And the beautiful pink one that graces the arbour on the cover of my book, A Good Home. 

Blog Photo - Pink Clematis

But there’s much to be thankful for.

Blog Photo - Blue-Pink clems

Blog Photo - Garden rain pink and lavender clems

Blog Photo - Blue Clematis single

Blog Photo - Garden rain Clematis dark blue

Now, it’s not all smooth sailing. A few are really struggling, and insects have also attacked them.Blog Photo - Clems Light pink

Blog Photo - Clem Pink and white

But the point is that they returned. And others came back in full force.

Blog Photo - Clems - Burgundy

Blog Photo - Blue clems atop Pinks

This shy little red clematis decided to spread its wings — er, vines.

Blog Photo - Red clems on Trellis

This one below escaped the rabbits and is full of blooms now.

Blog Photo - Clem Purple

Now, don’t go asking me all their names.  Some days, I don’t even remember my…

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GBG is ReBlooming

The Georgetown Butterfly Garden (GBG) is finally starting to re-bloom. Butterfly gardening is my passion. It is my way of making the world a more beautiful place, while assisting butterflies, hummingbirds and bumblebees along their journeys.

The GBG actually started over six years ago when I sort of stumbled across gardening out of necessity. We had purchased a fixer-upper, and I’m married to a DIYer. He does amazing remodel work, but also has a full-time job so the remodel projects never move as quickly as we’d like. So I decided to try and use plants as a way to brighten things up as well as hide a bit of the construction zone.

For several years my gardens were amazing and I always entered them in the neighborhood garden walk. Then two years we began major remodel work. Meaning we  moved the foundation and walls. Try as I might to move, save and give away plants – my gardens turned into a trampled mess. Then last year I went through cancer treatment (I’m in full recover now thanks.) and the gardens weren’t touched again until about a two months ago.

I’ve now begun to revive and replant the gardens. And while I’m at it, I’ve decided to to share my gardens and my garden art with the world. In all honesty, the GBG isn’t the only thing starting to re-bloom.